Nov 7, 2016

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Rehabilitation Treatment: 4 Questions to Ask

Rehabilitation Treatment: 4 Questions to Ask

What is rehabilitation treatment?

It’s treatment program designed to help those who struggle with substance control and addiction. With enough help, patients can live healthy, productive, drug-free lives. Programs are usually customized to addressed the specific and special needs of every patient.

What happens during the treatment?

A rehabilitation treatment program will involve a detoxification process, along with some one-on-one counselling and group therapy. Relapse prevention is also taught to give patients the tools they need to keep from falling back into bad habits. A strong aftercare program and planning is also a part of the treatment.

How long does it take?

Some programs last for about 28 to 30 days, says the Narconon. Some require twice or three times as long to recover and treat so there are also programs that last for 60 days and 90 days. For addicts with a history of long-term substance abuse, residential or inpatient treatment centers might be a better choice. Many case studies report, though, that patients who undergo three months of rehabilitation treatment or longer stand a better chance of sustaining a drug or alcohol-free life.

What happens if the patient relapses?

Relapses are not the end of the end. Many patients fail the first time they try to live without drugs or alcohol. So don’t let a relapse keep you back from trying again. It might make things harder for you but being able to live, sober and drug-free will more than make up for any of the challenges along the way.

What should you consider?

Factors that determine the kind of rehabilitation center to choose include the amenities and facilities provided, the duration and type of the program, and its location, among others. So if you or a family or friend needs rehabilitation assistance, make sure to take these things into account.

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