Regular Drain Cleaning is Important for the Health of Your Household

A slow drain line can be a real problem. If your drain line clogs, it could backup your toilet, cause standing water in your shower or tub, or even lower the water pressure in your home. If a clog causes a sink or tub to overflow, that could cause water damage to your home’s interior, exterior or even to the foundation of your home. Above all, a blocked sewer pipe can also negatively affect your health. That’s why drain line cleaning in Suffolk County, NY, is so important.

A clogged sewer drain can have an extremely unpleasant odor. While a foul odor isn’t necessarily toxic, it’s very unpleasant to live with. That alone can be stressful, and stress can cause symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, and headaches. These issues will only get worse, if the problem isn’t taken care of.

A more serious issue is coming into contact with contaminated water. Contaminated water can be a source of disease, especially after it sits inside of a dirty, blocked pipe. A clogged toilet drain is a serious breeding ground for many kinds of deadly bacteria, which can lead to disease. Bacteria such as Legionella can easily grow in standing and stagnant water. Legionella is the cause of Legionnaires’ Disease which causes coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath and GI issues.

For the health of you and your family, regularly have your drain lines cleaned.

Best/Flo Sewer & Drain Cleaning Co., Inc. is recommended for drain line cleaning in Suffolk County, NY.

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