Recreate Your Smile With a Smile Makeover in Lakeview

Have you been delaying dental care because you can’t find a practice that covers a wide range of options? You want a place where you can get cavities filled and yearly cleanings done, but you also want a brighter smile. Lately, you’ve even toyed with the idea of having a total smile makeover. The best Lakeview dentist is ready to help you with any of your oral health needs and smile desires.


Routine dental care is the foundation on which your smile rests. Yearly examinations, cleanings, x-rays, and fillings are all part of the care you should be receiving for your oral health. There are times that you may even require an extraction. These routine appointments are a time when the dentist will look for oral cancers, gingivitis, and other problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Early detection will help you to have the best outcome.

Additionally, the best Lakeview dentist will also offer cosmetic services to enhance your smile. If you have smoked or drank coffee over a period, your teeth are stained. Whitening options can be performed at home with gel trays or in-office with Zoom! whitening treatments. In as little as one visit, your teeth can be several shades whiter. Veneers, aligners, and even Botox can be used to correct crowding, chips, stains, and TMJ. Implants can be used to replace missing teeth. Refuse to settle for anything less than your best smile.

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