Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Plano

There are a number of reasons for reconstructive plastic surgery including trauma and birth defects. There are many instances of congenital birth defects such as cleft pallet or cleft lips that affect a person’s appearance. There are also many instances where a person has been involved in a catastrophic accident of some sort and requires reconstruction. In cases like this a plastic surgeon in Plano is the skilled physician to perform the work.

Not all plastic surgery is reconstructive in nature, many individuals seek plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic surgery is used to sculpt and enhance the body which in turn makes the patient more comfortable in society.

Although a plastic surgeon in Plano can often performs cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery, there is a tendency to specialize in one area or another as they are actually quite different. Reconstructive surgery can often be very taxing, there are many times, especially in the case of trauma where the surgeon may be faced with rebuilding a significant portion of the anatomy, creating and developing techniques as he goes along to give the best results.

Children who are born with birth defects routinely have reconstructive surgery when they are still quite young. Rarely in the West do you see an adult that has correctable birth defects, unfortunately the same cannot be said for other parts of the world that are less developed. A plastic surgeon in Plano will often join a medical mission that travels to developing nations where they treat people which are suffering from correctable defects, this work is done for free as part of a charitable mission.

Many accident victims require plastic surgery as part of their recovery process. Patients who have suffered extensive severe burns will need their face and extremities repaired not only to rebuild their appearance but to restore their movement and function. Reconstruction surgery is often done when a woman loses a breast due to cancer, the skilled surgeon can install breast implants which replace the missing breast lost to surgery.

Those plastic surgeons that focus on cosmetic procedures will often sculpt a body or face. These surgeons routinely perform such procedures as liposuction, breast enhancement, tummy tucks and full or partial face lifts.

Dr. Natan Yaker is a skilled plastic surgeon in Plano in focuses on cosmetic procedures. In the event you are looking to improve your body or looks you are invited to call for an appointment. For more information contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas.

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