Feb 15, 2018

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Recent Trends in Truck Tires: Industry Secrets

Recent Trends in Truck Tires: Industry Secrets

The truck tire industry is changing rapidly, in part due to changes in the regulatory environment. To protect domestic manufacturers, the American government has attempted to impose fees on cheap imports. Another major trend in truck tires has been the increase in direct online orders. Still, truck tire sales in New Jersey are reported to remain robust over the next few years.

Trends towards electric, hybrid, and self-driving commercial vehicles may eventually change the direction truck tire manufacturers go in order to meet consumer demands. Truck tire manufacturing might also become more environmentally conscious, drawing from more sustainable natural resources and using manufacturing procedures that cause less pollution.

The truck tire industry is also responding to shifting demographics. As more people than ever before live in urban centers, commercial vehicles that are smaller and can navigate city streets will also gain more command over the market, changing the size and type of tires on the market.

At the same time, larger load bearing for long distance hauls also remain relevant, and tire dealers are telling us that the market for truck tires has never been as diverse or exciting as it is now.

With regards to the actual tires, different types of tread, different types of all-weather resistance technologies, and different levels of thickness and load bearing all need to be taken into consideration.

Some truck tires are built to last, but cost more, whereas others come cheap but at the price of wearing down too soon. Businesses are frequently challenged to come up with the optimal compromise, achieving the best quality for your money. Truck tire dealerships in New Jersey work hard to find the latest and most cost-effective solutions for your commercial fleet. Companies like BL towing understand the importance of anticipating trends in the truck tire market.

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