Mar 9, 2015

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Reasons You Or Your Child May Need Braces In Orange Park

Most of the time, children and adolescents are the ones who require braces, but adults in Orange Park may also benefit from them. However, it can be difficult to know when they may be helpful. In most cases, the dentist will tell you that orthodontic work is needed and will refer you to an orthodontist if they are not one themselves. However, knowing for yourself when these tools may be necessary can allow you to take matters into your own hands and get your child or yourself the care you need more promptly.

Baby Teeth Problems

If your child still has baby teeth, there are likely no problems. However, the loss of baby teeth has its own patterns and if you notice that your child has lost many teeth early, late or irregularly, you may want to tell your dentist so he or she can run some tests and decide if an orthodontist is necessary.

Bite or Chew Problems

Many times, children and adults have difficulty chewing or biting their food. In some cases, this is due to weakened teeth, but many times, it is because the teeth are misaligned or there is an overbite. These problems usually go away after a few years of wearing braces in Orange Park area and there is usually no more trouble.

Crowded Teeth

Your teeth are meant to grow in specific ways and be placed in specific areas within the jawbone. However, sometimes, you can have two or more teeth that crowd around another, which can cause bite problems, chewing difficulty and other difficulties. Sometimes, the tooth or teeth, causing the problem is pulled, but sometimes a brace or spacer can be used to gently and carefully move the tooth into its proper place.

Jaw Problems

If you notice that your child’s jaw shifts while talking or eating, or that it makes sounds when it moves, this is a definite problem that must be fixed. Sometimes, jaws or teeth can be out of proportion with the rest of your face, making the jaw jut outwards too much. This can also sometimes cause trouble with breathing and eating.

Crooked Teeth

The number one reason for having orthodontic work completed is that you have crooked teeth. Many adults have the work done and children can also benefit.

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