Reasons Why You Need A Fire Extinguisher For Your Homes And Cars

A fire could happen at any time, and it is important to be prepared. You might be able to save your family and your property from a catastrophe if you have fire extinguishers for the home. Fire extinguishers could put out a small fire such as a fire caused by your toaster or microwave. Perhaps you sometimes cook a meal for yourself when you are tired after a long day at work or caring for your children. If you were to fall asleep while cooking, the smoke alarms would alert you to a fire. A nearby fire extinguisher would allow you to put out the fire without putting your life or your property at risk.

A fire extinguisher is also a good thing to keep in or near your garage. If you have combustible fluids in your garage, the ability to put out a fire is essential to your safety. Perhaps you keep a propane tank in the garage as a spare for your gas grill. Maybe you have a container of gasoline for your lawn mower, weed whacker or roto-tiller. A tiny spark from a light switch, the opening of your garage door or your power tools could ignite the fuel. A nearby fire extinguisher could put out the flames before they are able to spread to the structure’s walls or roof.

It is a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher in your car, too. You never know when your engine could catch on fire. The extinguisher would allow you to put out the flames without risking an explosion when the flames reach the gasoline.

To learn more about fire extinguishers for the home and car, contact us at First Alert Inc. You can also visit us online at in order to peruse our options for residential fire extinguishers.

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