Reasons to Use Courier Services to the USA from India

Most people don’t realize all the reasons to consider courier services to the USA from India, but there are many great reasons, including pick-up, saving money, hours of operation and so much more. Whether you routinely ship items to the USA from India or do so periodically for friends and family, there are many reasons to use a courier than someone else.

Pick Up

Courier services usually offer certain perks, such as pick-up from your home or business site. This is a great option and can save you a lot of time. If the courier you select is on your normal trip to or from work, a pick-up service may not be as important to you. However, there are many times in business where you are in a rush to have something shipped immediately, and you may not have time to leave your office to go to the company and ship your items.


While other shipping companies may offer overnight shipping, which gets your items to the USA from India very quickly, it costs a lot of extra money. Often, shipping companies charge by the weight of the item, so if you ship two items to the same destination where one is 20 pounds and one is 200 pounds, the prices will be much different. However, if you use courier services to the USA from India, you will be charged by distance, meaning no matter how heavy the items are they will cost the same to ship.

Comparison shopping is important if money is the deciding factor for you.

24/7 Abilities

Your business should never sleep whether it is after business hours, on the weekend or holiday. If you own an online business or have a regular physical business and website, your “store” is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you cannot get items shipped when they are ordered, you could lose business, so it is important to consider this when choosing a company to ship your items. Courier services are available to pick up or deliver items 24/7.

Customized Options

While most businesses may not think they need customization with their shipping needs, they would be wrong. Customized doesn’t mean different packaging and decorations, but instead means door-to-door delivery, shipping of medicines or perishables and repeating shipment deliveries, which works well for vehicle parts and other manufactured items.

Courier services to the USA from India are better than using a regular shipping company for many reasons. Consider Fastway Worldwide Express India.

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