Aug 20, 2014

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Reasons to Take a Helicopter Flight in NYC

Though a helicopter seemed like just a fantasy for most, it is actually possible to take a helicopter flight in NYC, for many different reasons. You will have a smooth ride and safe machine that will transport you anywhere you want to go. The comfort level is as good as on an airplane or in a vehicle, as there are large, comfortable seats that have heating and air conditioning, along with an excellent sound system.

Airport Transfer

Many business people and those on vacation must schedule a flight on an airplane to get to their destination. Sometimes, you must also take a connecting flight, which is a hassle, but can become a nightmare if you are scheduled for a flight in another airport. Traffic gets pretty hectic in NYC and it can take a really long time to get from one airport to another.

However, using a helicopter transfer can get you there fairly quickly (in as little as eight minutes) and you can even have your luggage with you. You can have an excellent experience to start your business deal or vacation in style.

Airport Shuttle

Getting to or from the airport can be hard, especially if you dislike all the traffic in NYC. There are shuttle services available, including cars, limousines and taxis, but they will also get stuck in all that traffic, causing you to leave for the airport up to five hours in advance of your flight. However, if you consider a helicopter shuttle, you can get to the airport in less than half an hour, allowing you to have more time to get through security or go later and still be there in plenty of time.

Helicopter Flight Tours

There is nothing like seeing the sights in a large city, such as New York City. However, it can take forever to get to the places you most want to see and you risk all the crowds. Do something spectacular that you will remember for the rest of your life with a helicopter tour. You will get to glide through the sky, viewing the most amazing sights, such as the Statue of Liberty and beautiful boroughs of the city.

Breathtaking views abound, but you will also be very comfortable and get to experience something that is new and different. Your entire family can join you, so you can all experience the wonder of flight in a helicopter.


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