Sep 7, 2015

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Reasons to Seek Legal Advice in Fort Benning GA

Reasons to Seek Legal Advice in Fort Benning GA

At one time or another, everyone will need some kind of Legal Advice in Fort Benning GA. When the time comes, it pays to find an attorney who can help the client make the best possible decision. Here are some of the more common reasons to seek advice and put it to good use.

Estate Planning

An individual does not have to possess vast real estate holdings or a healthy stock portfolio in order to have an estate. Even someone who lives in an apartment and has a little money in the bank will want to make sure all assets and belongings are passed on to loved ones without any quibbling or the need for legal action. The best way to ensure everything is passed on properly is to talk with an attorney about drafting a last will and testament. As part of the discussions, the attorney can provide the Legal Advice in Fort Benning GA needed to ensure the terms of the document will stand up in any court of law.

Once the will is in place, the attorney can work with the client to determine what other measures may be needed. For some people, selecting a guardian for minor children, preparing a medical power of attorney, and a host of other documents may be necessary to ensure all essential tasks can be handled with ease if the need arises.

Buying a Home

Most people think that buying a home involves nothing more than securing a mortgage and signing some papers. Choosing to have an attorney look over all the paperwork before anything is signed will be in the best interests of the buyer. The attorney can conduct a title search and make sure there are no prior claims on the property. In addition, the exact terms of the sale can be gone over and ensure the arrangement is in line with whatever verbal agreements were made between the buyer and seller. This process will go a long way in making sure some aspect of the sale does not cause problems for the buyer later on.

For help with any type of legal issue, call the team at Ezell Chancey And Raiford LLP today. After the first consultation, it will be easy to decide what needs to happen next and make sure everything is done in order.

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