Jan 28, 2016

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Reasons to Seek Help from a Gastroenterology Doctor in Glendale or in Queens NY

Anyone who has ever experienced gastrointestinal distress knows that the pain can be difficult to bear. In many cases, the discomfort is temporary and not due to an ongoing health issue. When there is a reason to suspect that a condition exists that will cause the pain to come back stronger than ever, it pays to seek help from a Gastroenterology Doctor Glendale in Queens NY. Here are some examples of issues that need immediate attention.

Heartburn That Will Not Go Away

Heartburn can be the result of eating too much or eating foods that cause temporary upset to the stomach. When individuals experience heartburn for no apparent reason, an examination by a Gastroenterology Doctor Glendale in Queens NY is in order. If there is an underlying cause of the constant heartburn, the professional will find it and know exactly what can be done to correct the problem.

Bloating and Gas

It seems as if eating anything leads to bloating and stomach pain. In short order, the individual begins to pass gas While that provides some relief, the pain persists. A visit to a medical professional may prove that the patient is lactose intolerant. While most people think that lactose is only found in dairy products, it is also present in many kinds of processed foods. The medical professional can provide support in terms of coming up with a workable diet plan and also medication that helps to lessen the effects if the individual does happen to ingest any type of lactose.

Gluten Allergy

If the individual seems to experience discomfort after consuming certain types of grains, there is a good chance that a gluten allergy is present. This can lead to all sorts of stomach upsets along with a creating a general feeling of fatigue and weakness. Once the medical professional runs the proper tests and determines the patient should avoid gluten, a chance in diet will improve things quickly.

There is no reason to suffer. Visit GastroCare LI today and see what can be done. In many cases, it will only take a few tests to get to the bottom of the issue and determine what needs to be done to improve the general health of the patient.

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