Dec 19, 2014

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Reasons To See A Foot And Ankle Clinic In Chicago

For most people, living with pain is second nature, but there is no reason that your feet, ankles or back should hurt. A foot and ankle clinic in Chicago can help with all of these problems and many more, allowing for many reasons to see your podiatrist.

Feet Problems

Foot and ankle problems are very common and visiting a podiatrist’s clinic in Chicago can help. Some problems are caused from injuries, others are there at birth but may not come forth until later in life and others are acquired due to the type of footwear or stress used. Common problems can include toenail problems, hammertoes, bunions, heel spurs, stress fractures and shin splints.


Diabetics may find that their feet constantly hurt and it is important that they take proper care of the feet. Calluses and corns are never fun, but if you are a diabetic and have these problems, it could cause even more problems and be more painful than most. Nerve problems are also prevalent with diabetics, so it is important to visit a podiatrist regularly.


Ingrown toenails can be very painful and embarrassing, and many people find they have discolored nails, horrible smells and even pain due to the problem. You won’t feel comfortable wearing sandals and some people find wearing any shoe is difficult. A podiatrist can provide you with treatment and preventative measures to help.


Deformities in the feet can be from injuries suffered during an accident or be there from birth. Webbed toes, club feet and short toes are all congenital deformities. Bunions, hammertoes and corns are acquired deformities and are usually caused by improper footwear or not taking care of the feet.

Athletic Pains

Athletes are usually in good shape, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer injuries to the feet or ankles. There are many therapies available to help reduce joint or nerve pain and you’ll find that a podiatrist can handle physical therapy, surgery and other situations, as well.

Holistic Treatment

For those that want a more holistic treatment, many podiatrists are offering extracorporal shock wave treatments, which can help with neuromas, joint pain, tendon problems and Plantar Fasciitis, among others. These treatments can take less than 10 minutes and can provide relief without any side effects or invasive procedures.

A foot and ankle clinic in Chicago is able to help with all types of problems, from pain to toenails and from athletic injuries to deformities.

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