Apr 1, 2014

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Reasons to see a Dentist who Practices Cosmetic Dentistry in Highlands Ranch for Teeth Discoloration Problems

People who have severe staining on their teeth generally find the over the counter types of whitening kits do not offer much in improving the condition of their teeth. This is generally because these kits are designed for very light discoloration issues and do not contain high levels of active ingredients like those a professional can use. In addition, many times whitening treatments may not be able to correct discolorations and treatment that is more extensive may be required. In such cases, seeing a dentist who practices Cosmetic Dentistry in Highlands Ranch can be a person’s best option.

When a patient sees a dentist who handles Cosmetic Dentistry, the first thing the dentist will need to do is to examine the patient’s teeth. They will do this to determine the extent of the discoloration. They will also speak with the patient to find out how their teeth were discolored. This information can often be helpful in determining what type of treatment will work best for the patient.

Many patients who have severely discolored teeth due to medications may find whitening treatments are unsuccessful. In this type of situation, a dentist who performs Cosmetic Dentistry in Highlands Ranch may recommend the patient try a more extensive treatment, such as having dental veneers placed on the affected teeth.

Dental veneer treatment will not remove the problems, but they can cover up the issues the stains can cause. A dental veneer is much like a porcelain shell, which is custom fitted to go over the patient’s teeth. This will hide the problem and allow the patient to have the bright and white smile they desire.

A dentist will check the patient’s teeth to ensure they are healthy before they use dental veneers. This is done, because the tooth will not be removed and it is important for it to be in good condition before a veneer is placed over it.

Many patients prefer this type of treatment to other options, such as crowns because it is less invasive. In addition, the porcelain used to create the veneers is translucent which makes it look more natural and like the patient’s other teeth. This can be a great advantage for many patients. For more info, visit Kenneth Peters DDS.

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