Jan 30, 2015

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Reasons to Schedule an Appointment for Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas Patients Prefer

Even with proper care and maintenance, teeth can show signs of wear over the years. Some patients might have cavities while others could have chipped teeth or discoloration. These dental issues can make people feel self-conscious, especially when they want to smile. Consider top reasons to schedule an appointment for the Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas patients prefer.

What is Cerec?

The term cerec is the short way to refer to to ceramic reconstruction or chairside economical restoration of aesthetic ceramics. The procedure was developed in the 1980s and now more dentists are offering the advantages of cerec dentistry to patients. Dental restorations are made using CAD/CAM, which stands for computer-aided design and computer aided-manufacturing. Basically, dental crowns and other dental restorations can be constructed, produced and inserted on-the-spot.
How Does Cerec Dentistry Work?

The Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas patients want makes it possible to get a tooth reconstructed or replaced in just one appointment. It days gone by, it took weeks to get a tooth replaced. Molds were taken and sent out to a laboratory to construct a crown. A temporary crown was made until a permanent one could be placed. Patients needed to endure several appointments and procedures to get a tooth fixed or replaced. Now with the help of 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology, a tooth can be restored in just one or two hours.

What Are the Advantages of Cerec Dentistry?

The Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas patients prefer makes ceramic restorations accessible in less them than every before. A virtual restoration is done rather than taking impressions with a lot of time-consuming lab-side work. The restoration work is precise, looks great and fits well. Best of all, these metal-free restorations last a long time. Without all the fuss, a patient can walk out of the office with a new tooth that makes him or her feel confident about smiling.

Find out more about what cerec dentistry can do for your smile, whether you have chipped teeth or need crowns. Contact Desert Breeze Dental Las Vegas today to make an appointment and discover how cerec dentistry can give you the beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

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