Reasons To Replace Mattresses In Lafayette

While most people can feel when their mattress needs to be replaced, it is important to know the seven reasons that a replacement is necessary so that your Lafayette bed is completely comfortable and supportive. Typical reasons include allergy problems, painful waking, and mattresses that are simply old, among others.


Seven years is the maximum amount of time you should keep most spring or coil mattresses in Lafayette. While you do want to change out the mattress, you should also change the foundation, as well. Most beds lose support and comfort over time and after five years, you should check it for any problems up until seven years or whenever you notice it is time for a change.


If you wake up in pain or with stiff joints, you should consider a new mattress because they will wear out over time. Though your body does adapt to those changes, it can sometimes be in bad ways that can make you have an aching back, sore muscles or tingling. While these problems can also occur from sleeping on your arm or after working out, if you constantly have pain in the morning, switch out your mattress.

Toss and Turn

While it is normal to have a restless night now and then, if you toss and turn enough to wake you or your partner more than once a week, then you may have too old of a mattress and should consider buying a new one. However, make sure you don’t have a valid reason for restlessness, so you aren’t buying something you don’t need.


Your mattress, even hypoallergenic ones can hold a lot of dead skin, dust mites, germs, body fluids and bedbugs, which can make your allergies worse. If you notice that you are sneezing or coughing more at night, try washing your sheets and vacuuming the mattress. If that doesn’t help, it may be time for a new one.

Someone Else’s

If you moved in with your partner or spouse and used their bed when you two moved in together, it may be time for a new bed that was bought with both of you in mind. He or she likely slept on it comfortably, and they may be uncomfortable and your side probably wasn’t slept on much, making it unbalanced. To know more click here.

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