Aug 17, 2016

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Reasons to Make the Shift to Industrial Powder Coating

Reasons to Make the Shift to Industrial Powder Coating

More and more businesses utilizing metal equipment, parts, and other products are currently shifting to industrial powder coating as their preferred coating option. Coating metals to deter corrosion is one of the primary strategies businesses resort to in order to lessen maintenance and replacement costs.

Prior to powder coating, a majority of industries use liquid paints for this purpose. However, through the years and because of advancement in technology new and more innovative processes are discovered to help industries manage all corrosions and metal-damaging problems.

Downside of Liquid Paint

Without a doubt, liquid paints are very popular as a way to protect metals from damage decades ago. But times have changed and studies have revealed the many disadvantages of using liquid paint. For one, paints do not last. It is prone to scratches, chipping, and other forms of damage. Paints are also more expensive in the long run if you take into account energy and disposal costs, among others. Lastly, and probably the primary reason why paints should no longer be considered as a coating option is its harmful effects on the environment.

Upside of Opting for Powder Coating

Industrial powder coating is currently one of the best techniques to ensure that metal parts, equipment, and products will be free from corrosion for several years. It is invulnerable to scratching, chipping, and even solvents. Apart from durability, below are other advantages of choosing powder coating process:

  1. Visual effect – the result of powder coating is a smooth and even finish. Since it is available in a variety of shades, textures, and effects, you can get creative without having to worry about drips or inconsistent coverage.
  2. Human and Environmentally Friendly – powder coats are free from solvents and other harsh chemicals that harm not only people, but the environment as well.
  3. Cost-efficient – while powder coating can cost a bit more at the onset, you will find that it is cost-effective after a period of time. Using powder means you won’t need re-touches. You can also use the powder over and over without sacrificing quality.

Given the benefits presented above, it is clear that industrial powder coating will give the most value to your money. Ultimately, powder coating is not merely a maintenance cost but a worthwhile and long lasting investment.

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