Jul 1, 2015

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Reasons To Consider Fort Lauderdale Property Management Companies

Investing in a rental building can be an excellent way to make money, but sometimes the responsibilities are too much to handle. You will be running and maintaining the building, which includes making repairs or having someone to handle those situations. Because of this, property management companies in Fort Lauderdale may be an appropriate choice because they can help take some of the pressure off you.

Collecting Rent

While it can be easy to take money from others, sometimes they aren’t very willing to give it up. Therefore, collecting rent can be difficult for some landlords, but you won’t worry if you hire a professional to help. They have strategies and systems in place to make sure rent is collected on time.

Know Rental Rates

They understand rental rates and can ensure that your rates are appropriate for where you are located. If you charge significantly more than others in the area, you risk not getting tenants, but if you charge significantly less, you may not get the best sort of residents and will lose money.

Screen Tenants

Screening tenants is necessary to ensure you get quality people who can and will pay on time. Applications should be given to each person who wants to rent, but the company you select can do much more. They will be able to run criminal checks, background checks and can also handle public notice and social security searches. They will also handle references, employers and more.

Market Effectively

If you aren’t marketing effectively, you may not be getting as many residents as possible. These companies in Fort Lauderdale understand the benefits of marketing and know how to do it well so that you don’t have vacant properties.

Understand Regulations/Laws

Every state and city has their laws and regulations in place to help owners, landlords, and residents. However, it is up to you to know those rules, and if you don’t, you could face legal problems. The PM company you select will know what those regulations are and be able to help you.


Inspection reports are necessary to ensure that tenants don’t try and claim their mistakes on you. An inspection should be completed before they come in and after they leave to ensure that they left the building the same way it was when they moved in.

Property management companies in Fort Lauderdale can do so many things to help you with your new investment. Visit Camelot Property Management & Real Estate Services, Inc. today to learn how they can help.

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