Reasons to Choose Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a material that is often used to make different kinds of furniture. It is made of plant stalks, shoots and branches that are weaved together in order to create a sturdy material. You may have seen baskets and patio furniture that are made out of wicker. Even though original wicker is made using plants, many companies now use plastic fibers for their furniture.  Wicker is most commonly used in making patio furniture, and a number of different plants are used, including grasses, reeds and willow. If you are in the market for patio furniture, buying outdoor wicker furniture is a great idea. There are many reasons why wicker is a great choice. Here are a few:

It is Lightweight

Many people move their patio furniture around frequently. You may have to pull in extra chairs in order to accommodate additional guests. If that’s the case, you will fall in love with the versatility that outdoor wicker has to offer. It is extremely lightweight and you can easily lift and carry the furniture around to wherever you want. Moreover, the furniture is also quite sturdy, making it a perfect choice for guests of all sizes. If you are worried that the children might tip over the furniture, you can buy outdoor cushions and place them on the furniture in order to weigh it down and keep it firmly rooted to the ground.


Durability is one of the most important properties that you need to consider when buying furniture for your patio. Because it is left outdoors for so long, you can’t use conventional wooden furniture. Rain and sunlight can damage your furniture considerably over a prolonged period of time. Thankfully, outdoor wicker is extremely durable. It can easily withstand the test of time. The furniture is made mostly of rattan, which is a very strong vine and is found in tropical areas.  Wicker furniture is also environmentally friendly. You can also buy wicker furniture that has an aluminum frame for added durability.  Many companies provide patio furniture that is made out of resin, which is considerably more sturdy and very reliable, and is great for people who live in areas that have high humidity.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using wicker furniture is that it’s considerably more affordable than other types of patio furniture. If you simply factor in the value, you will realize that buying wicker furniture is one of the best deals that you can get. There are many companies that sell wicker furniture online. You can browse through their collection and place an order directly through your computer. The furniture will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days!

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