Jul 3, 2015

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Reasons to Change the Upholstery in Greenwich

Everyone likes to update the look of their rooms from time to time. The process may involve things like securing some new artwork, changing the window treatment, or painting the walls. Another way to fresh the look of a room is to think about new Upholstery in Greenwich for those comfortable chairs and sofas. Here are a few of the reasons why going with new upholstery may be just what the room needs.

Time for Some Different Colors

The homeowner has repainted the room, and the current Upholstery in Greenwich really doesn’t work all that well. Since the owner does like the new wall color, why not change the upholstery? It will not take long to come up with a color or pattern that will work just fine and make it possible to continue using those pieces for many years to come.

Adding Texture to the Space

The look and feel of a room is not just based on colors and furniture design. The texture provided by the upholstery also plays a role. Think of what would happen if a couple of favorite chairs were upholstered using a different material. Going from some type of cloth upholstery to leather will make a dramatic difference and also introduce a new texture in the space. Click here to know more.

New Life for Old Furniture

The upholstery has seen better days, but the owner happens to love the lines of the sofa. Why get rid of something that is still sturdy and comfortable? Have the Upholstery in Greenwich replaced with something new. Doing so will revitalize the look of the piece and ensure that the owner continues to enjoy it for quite a few more years.

In order to make sure the right choices are made with upholstery selections, consult with the professionals at Dominic’s Decorating in Greenwich today. After taking a look at the pieces and considering factors like the other colors and elements in the space, it will be easy to recommend several options. Once the homeowner chooses the upholstery for the pieces, it will not take long to have the job completed and the pieces back in position.

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