Reasons to Call for Septic Services in Bainbridge Island WA

There is no doubt that a properly maintained septic system will provide excellent service for many years. The key is knowing when to call professionals to help with the maintenance and upkeep of that system. Here are a couple of the main reasons to call one of the septic services in Bainbridge Island WA and resolve minor issues before they can become major problems. The Grass is Getting Green Over the Septic Tank Lately, it seems as if the portion of the lawn that is over the septic tank has begun to look a little greener than the rest of the yard.

A closer examination also reveals that the ground in that area has taken on a somewhat spongy quality. This is a sure sign that something is not right with the tank. In some cases, it is nothing more than an overflow valve that is not working properly. It could also be a sign that the time has come to empty and clean the tank. Once the origin of the problem is identified, the home owner can authorize the work and the tank will once again provide excellent performance.

The Drains Stink another sign that help is needed is foul odors coming from the kitchen and bathroom drains. This typically indicates that some of the sewage is backing up into the pipes rather than flowing into the septic tank. A professional from one of the septic services in Bainbridge Island WA can determine if there is a mechanical failure that is causing the problem or if the tank needs to be emptied. Whatever the underlying cause for the odor, quick action on the part of a professional will rid the home of the unpleasant smell. The bottom line is that calling one of the septic services in Bainbridge Island WA as soon as a problem is noticed will often add years to the life of the tank. Even if the issue is a minor one, having it resolved quickly will alleviate stress on other components and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

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