Reasons to Call an Electrical Contractor in Salem OR

“Don’t fix it if it’s not broken” sounds like good advice in most cases, and home electrical systems are no exception. In most cases, it’s okay to leave things alone, but in other situations, it makes sense to call an Electrical Contractor in Salem OR. While most homeowners know about pre-purchase inspections, they’re called for at other times as well.

Before Renovations Begin

If an owner is planning to renovate a home, they should have the electrical system inspected before the job starts. The electrician will make sure the system can accommodate all those new fixtures and outlets. If upgrades or repairs are needed, owners can save money and time by getting the work done during the remodeling project.

Living in an Older Home

Homes that are more than three decades old should be periodically inspected because electrical components don’t last forever. A professional inspection is the first step in the upgrade process, and for the sake of safety, it’s a worthwhile investment.

After a Storm Comes Through

Severe weather may permanently damage a home’s electrical system. After a storm, the most important reasons to schedule an electrical inspection are water damage, fallen trees, and lightning strikes. With a post-storm inspection, owners will be able to minimize damage and prevent further losses.

Sudden or Persistent Issues

If part of the electrical system malfunctions, problems may suddenly appear. And, if the same issues keep coming up, there may be an underlying issue. In either event, calling an Electrical Contractor in Salem OR is the only way to find out what’s going on.

For the Insurance Company

Depending on the insurer and the policy, a homeowner may need to have the electrical system inspected regularly. If this applies and problems are found, the owner will have to resolve them or lose their coverage.

Call Today to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

It’s not a big deal to schedule an inspection of the home’s electrical system, but the upgrades and repairs that come next may save a home. If any of these scenarios apply, contact us by phone or visit online to schedule service.

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