Jul 31, 2015

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Reasons to Call a Residential HVAC Contractor Today

Reasons to Call a Residential HVAC Contractor Today

While the home heating and cooling system has provided excellent service over the years, something is not quite right. The best solution is to call a Residential HVAC Contractor and find out what is happening. Here are some scenarios that call for the expertise this type of professional can bring to the table.

Hot Spots around the House

The system used to keep the entire home at the same temperature. It did not matter if the homeowner was in the kitchen or the living room. Every area of the home was comfortable. Recently, it seems as if the bedroom does not cool off as well as the rest of the house, or the hallway is noticeably warmer than the rest of the home. The only way to find out what is wrong is to have a Residential HVAC Contractor take a look. With a little luck, all the system will need is some type of minor repair.

Strange Noises

The system has begun to make creaking and clanking noises as it cycles on and off. Before, it was so quiet that it was hard to tell when the unit was running. Those new and strange noises are signs that something is going wrong. Before anything else happens, call a professional and have the unit inspected. The cause may be a simple one that can be resolved with very little time and expense.

High Energy Bills

The power bill has gone up a lot recently for no apparent reason. There is nothing different in the way members of the household make use of the appliances. What has changed is how much energy the heating and cooling system is consuming. A quick check by a professional will determine if replacing some of the components will reduce the energy consumption, or if replacing the unit is the only practical way to deal with the problem.

For any type of issue with the home heating and cooling unit, call the team at Poudre Valley Air today. After inspecting the system and the duct work, it will be easy to determine what needs to be done. Once the homeowner provides permission, the contractor will get to work on making the repairs or arranging for the installation of a new unit.

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