Reasons That You Will Need Child Support Attorneys in Maricopa, AZ

Parents have the legal responsibility to make sure that their child is properly taken care of. That is why child support is enforced. If you are having trouble getting the child support that you are entitled to, then you need an attorney. There are several reasons that you will need to hire child support attorneys in Maricopa, AZ.

Ensure Every Type of Income Is Accounted For

If your ex-partner is getting additional money, then it may be calculated into the child support. This includes things such as gambling winnings and capital gains. Child support attorneys in Maricopa, AZ, will make sure that every type of income is accounted for before the child support order is given.

Get Child Support Adjusted

Child support amounts are supposed to be set for a certain amount of time. However, if you need to get your child support adjusted, then your attorney can help you do that. There are several reasons that child support may need to be modified.

Enforce a Child Support Order

If your ex-partner is not paying child support, then your attorney will make sure that the child support order is enforced. They can help you negotiate with your ex-partner. They can also represent you in court if necessary. Your attorney’s goal is to make sure that you get the money that you are owed so that you can take care of your children.

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