Nov 14, 2017

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Reasons for Autumn Replacement of AC in Reno

Reasons for Autumn Replacement of AC in Reno

After a hot summer, most people are happy to turn off the home’s AC unit until spring rolls around. However, that can be costly without having the system checked out by a contractor. When repairs and AC replacements are done during the fall, homeowners typically have better outcomes than when service is delayed until spring and summer. Below are several great reasons to service AC in Reno during the autumn months.

Saving Money

By replacing a system during the fall, homeowners get more time to learn which equipment will meet their needs. A fall replacement gives customers time to find the right contractor as well, and there’s likely to be greater availability during this time of year. A new AC is a significant investment, and buying and installing one in the fall allows better financial planning.

Getting the Right Equipment

Because the customer and the contractor both have more time to determine the home’s cooling needs, there’s more time to evaluate the latest HVAC technology. Much has changed since the installation of the home’s current system, and customers can see improved comfort and reduced energy costs with a new unit. When replacing AC in Reno during the fall, customers have more options than they would have had 10 or 20 years ago.

Heat Pump Failure

If a customer has an AC unit that is part of a heat pump system, they should get it checked out during autumn. If a unit can’t keep up during the summer, it won’t work well in winter, which can drive up utility bills due to the use of auxiliary resistance heaters. Homeowners with conventional furnaces should get a fall checkup as well. If the furnace and the AC are old, it may make good sense to replace them.

Call Today for Service

Most people replace a home’s HVAC system when it’s 14-16 years old or more, depending on usage and other factors. If the system is approaching that age, or if it’s been having problems, it may be worthwhile to do some research on the benefits of fall AC repair and replacement. Call today or visit for more details.

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