Aug 23, 2014

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Reasons Calling Plumbers In Neenah WI is Best for Water Heater Issues

When homeowners have issues with their water heater not working correctly, it can become a distressful situation for them and those who live in their home. While some homeowners may decide to try to fix the issue on their own, often this can lead to more frustration and it generally is best to call someone who is trained to handle these types of issues, such as Plumbers In Neenah WI.

Many times the reason a water heater will stop working is due to issues with the components, which trigger the burner to ignite. This can include the pilot, pilot control valve and thermocouples. A plumber will be able to examine these components and determine if they are causing the issue. If one of these elements is faulty, the plumber will need to replace it.

Another problem, which can cause the water heater to stop heating water, is sediment build up in the tank. As water is heated in the tank, calcium carbonate from the water begins to accumulate in the tank. This can eventually line the tank and prevent the transfer of heat from the tank to the water. To correct this issue, Plumbers In Neenah WI will need to flush the tank out. Flushing the tank involves draining the water currently in the tank out and then pushing clean water through the tank until it runs clear. This will cause the sediment to be removed from the tank.

Finally, if the tank is still not producing hot water, it may be time for a new unit. Most water heaters are not designed to last more than 8 to 12 years. If the tank is nearing this age, it may be best to simply replace the tank with a new one. Having this done will eliminate the current issues and because newer units are often more energy efficient, the homeowner may be able to save money on their utility bills. A plumber can help the homeowner in determining if this is the best choice for their needs.

A water heater that stops working can become a problem in most households. However, by contacting a plumber who routinely handles these types of issues, the problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently. For more information, please visit


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