Real Estate Listings: What 4 Missoula Neighborhoods Offer

Have you ever looked at moving to Missoula, MT? Here, the population rose in 2016 to 72,362, the median age is just over 31, and the median household income is $43,527. In this city, real estate listings tout the advantages of many different neighborhoods.

Four Neighborhoods

No matter whether you want to live downtown, settle on a mountain or live by a river, you can find it. Real estate listings in Missoula cover a wide range of options. Among the many neighborhoods with residences for rent or sale, are the following:

1. Farviews / Pattee Canyon: If you like to live a “high” life, this is your neighborhood. Homes dot the hillside. Although towering steeply above other neighborhoods, it is still easy to access and to make trips downtown and to the university.

2. Franklin to The Fort: This neighborhood includes historic Fort Missoula. In this community, residences and businesses combine to provide a well-balanced mix. Neighbors work hard to ensure a close-knit, friendly neighborhood where everyone works for the common good whether it is for better sidewalks or green space preservation.

3. Grant Creek: If you want to live in harmony with nature, this might be the neighborhood for you. Open spaces are the theme, but it is still easy to get where you want to go

4. The Heart of Missoula: If you want to live in a vibrant area, this is it – downtown where commerce and residences combine. Historic homes, expensive condos, and affordable apartments are all here – cheek and jowl with restaurants, bars, and other commercial entities.

Real Estate Listings

If you are considering moving to Missoula, do not hesitate to talk to a realtor. They can point out the advantages of the various neighborhoods before providing you with real estate listings addressing your interests and meeting your preferences. In fact, agents are invaluable in helping find the right home, in the right neighborhood at the best price possible.

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