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Every property developer defines “luxury” differently. Foremost, luxury apartments must be relatively new, built in the last few years. Refurbished apartments and co-ops may have a certain element of charm and luxury. However, unless the building was completely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up, they do not meet today’s definition of luxury. Regardless of how owners might like to define condos for sale in Manhattan, certain things make a significant difference.

It is difficult to accept the term “luxury apartment” if there is no concierge. Around the clock concierge service, available to assist residents when they need it, is necessary. The best concierge is one that will go out of his way to ensure residents’ needs and wishes are catered for. A concierge will do everything from calling a taxi to arrange personal shopper services. Purchasing a home in Fifteen Hudson Yards ensures you get this and much more. Perhaps second to having concierge services is the kitchen in the apartment. Modern kitchens are not only practical, but they are beautiful. You can expect the best in appliances, elegant wood cabinets, polished marble countertops, and a center island designed for food preparation as well as casual dining.

Room size is another thing that defines luxury living. Room size can often be misconstrued. It is not necessarily the number of rooms, but more importantly, how the rooms are integrated. Open space design draws living, dining, and kitchen spaces together. In real luxury apartments for sale expect to find bedrooms with are spacious, designed to accommodate large beds and furnishings. Bathrooms in luxury apartments and condos are far more than just bathrooms. They are private escapes. Bathrooms will include radiant heated stone floors, floating top vanities with “his and hers” sinks, plenty of storage, and high-quality fixtures throughout.

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