May 20, 2013

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Real Estate and Fundraising Auctions in Stevens Point WI

Would you like to auction off some valuable items that you no longer have use for? If you live in central Wisconsin, you should call the experts at Sterling Auctions Stevens Point WI. This company has dozens of years of auction experience so that success is almost guaranteed. They can handle all the planning and marketing for your upcoming auction so that you don’t have to. These professionals also make sure that the auction is carried out in an efficient and timely fashion. Different types of auctions you may want include real estate auctions, business auctions, fundraising auctions, and any other auction type you desire.

Due to the recent financial crisis, many homes and other properties underwent foreclosure. As a result, the number of real estate Auctions Stevens Point WI has increased substantially. Many folks opt for real estate auctions even if the property is not distressed, because of market conditions and certain advantages offered by an auction. Properties are typically auctioned off as is which is good for heirs of a run-down home. The seller does not have to set a price for the property, and each sale closes in 30 days. Property that is auctioned tends to sell fast as opposed to languishing on the real estate markets for months on end.

If you decide to use the services of the Auctions Stevens Point WI Company, the auctioneering experts will visit the location for a complete valuation of the land and/or items you wish to sell. If everything appears to be worthy of a successful auction, you will be provided with a proposal. This proposal will sketch out the specifics of the auction process. It includes an analysis of the property, the marketing scheme, event schedule, fee structure, financial projections, and closing details. Other options may be suggested like a buyout, if that would help you meet your goals.

Fundraising Auctions Stevens Point WI. are another popular type of auction that is often handled by Sterling Auction & Realty Services LLC. These can actually be a lot of fun, and they are a great way of raising money for a worthy cause. Services include workshops on conducting benefit auctions, professional consulting on implementing the auction, and the record keeping that is needed for every auction. Sterling will make sure your fundraiser is a success.

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