Aug 12, 2016

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Ready For Argentine Tango Dance Classes?

Ready For Argentine Tango Dance Classes?

It can be very hard to resist the call of the terpsichorean muse, especially if you’ve grown up watching the spectacularly choreographed dance routines of Fred Astaire in his movies. Meticulously planned down to the last detail and step, Fred and his partners, most often Ginger Rogers, wowed audiences with breathtaking displays of the dancing arts. And even solo, there seemed nothing Fred couldn’t do. He could even defy gravity when he danced up and down the walls and across the ceiling of his New York apartment in the 1954 movie Royal Wedding. For a certain period of time in the 1950s and 60s, every man wanted to be as light and dexterous on his feet as Fred Astaire and to be able to take a woman in hand and dance her all the way to the moon and back.

One of the most romantic and complex dance genres of all to learn is the Argentine Tango. Although the tango itself is relatively simple, consisting of quadruple meter and binary form, the Argentine Tango has a much wider variety of styles than standard ballroom tango. This is because the music for it has been composed by a far larger number of orchestras over the years. Argentine Tango Dance Classes take this complexity into account when teaching students the moves, as no two tangos in this genre are quite the same either musically or in their choreography to one another.

When the great Fred Astaire co-founded the Fred Astaire Dance Studios back in 1947, he gave to the world a means for ordinary people to learn the subtle and varied art of ballroom and orchestral dancing. Helping to fashion the curriculum for the entire franchise, each school has access to the very moves of the Great One himself. And in the spirit of the founder, the lessons are taught not only to inculcate students in technique but also in the sheer fun of the dance. This includes the school’s Argentine Tango Dance Classes, in which instructors teach students from the music composed by forty different band leaders and school them in the variant steps of this particular genre.

No experience is more satisfying than to be able to make smooth moves with a partner on the dance floor. No experience is so fulfilling and joyful than to dazzle one’s beloved by being light on your feet.

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