Dec 1, 2016

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Radiator Replacement in Michigan: What You Need to Know

The radiator is the backbone of your vehicle’s cooling system. Many know from unfortunate experience that without a radiator, your vehicle’s engine will almost immediately overheat. Many are unaware, however, of the fact that radiators have many additional uses outside of automobile engines.

What Is a Radiator?

A radiator is a series of metal tubes designed to hold water for cooling via direct air flow. In a vehicle, this air flow is provided by the electrical fan as well as air from the outside while in motion; however, vehicle motors are not the only places where radiators can be found. Here are some applications for radiators outside of the automotive industry, brought to you by an expert in Michigan radiator replacement:

  • Factories and power plants: Factories use radiators to cool down their stationary motors which generate power for their facilities. These types of radiators receive air flow from large fans to cool down the water inside.
  • Farm equipment: Like vehicles, many pieces of farm equipment use radiators in their cooling systems. The radiator is equally important in a tractor as in a car or truck.
  • Aircraft and spacecraft: Yes, radiators are even used by NASA to cool spacecraft engines. Radiators have been a major part of operations on the ground, on the ISS, and even on the moon.

What to Do When Your Radiator Fails?

In some cases, a radiator can be repaired. In others cases, you may be in need of a radiator replacement. If you are in need of radiator replacement in Michigan, it is important to contact a radiator replacement provider you can trust. If your radiator is broken or if you suspect that it may fail in the future, do not hesitate. Call an experienced radiator replacement specialist today!

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