Apr 1, 2014

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Quickly Restore Your Property From the Nasty Effects of Fire Damage in Wichita

Disasters occur all the time, but fire can be one of the most devastating. This is because fire can quickly consume so much of your property and just as easily damage most of the rest. Even the act of putting out the fire can cause damage to your property and if the fire spreads that damage grows exponentially. For instance, most fire control is handled with water and while water can douse many fires it does little to control the smoke and ash that remains. This is one of the reasons it is important to find a contractor skilled in Fire Damage in Wichita.

Fire can do a lot of damage to both the appearance of your home and the structure that supports it. Repairing this damage can often take more work that the average remodel with the contractor performing various levels of demolition to remove the burned materials as well as some of the decorative items damaged by smoke or excess water. However, in the case of smaller fires the restoration may be as simple as cleaning the damaged area, applying new paint and replacing any damaged materials such as wood or glass.

Fire Damage in Wichita affects business properties as well as residential homes. Unfortunately, the damaged dealt to a business can be more severe depending on the type of business and the building it is housed in. While a lot of companies are run from concrete based structures the interiors are often made from flammable products or worse, from products that produce a lot of smoke while smoldering. This excess smoke can spread throughout the property causing unseen damage that is difficult to remove. This damage can include coating the insides of air ducts with tar and smoke residue which needs to be removed so the smell from the fire can be eliminated.

Cleaning up the results of a fire disaster sometimes requires unique skills. Along with the ability to eliminate the odors from smoke the contractor needs to understand all the places that smoke and ash can creep into. This includes obvious areas such as cabinets, closets and any other rooms in the building even if they weren’t close to the actual fire. You can learn more by contacting a professional like ACT Emergency Clean up.

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