Quick Guide to Shipping Your Art

Owning art is a wonderful thing, from classical paintings to modern sculptors, art can enlighten the souls of many a person. Owing art however can prove to be a stress at times, especially when trying to make sure your art will not be damaged when being moved or stored. This really can play havoc on one’s mind. When art shipping from New York to LA for example, you need to know that you are entrusting your art to professional. These people know and care about your property, and not only your property, but care about art. Using this step by step guide you should be able to identify what the key requirements are to make good art shipment company, thus empowering you to find an art shipper right for you and your art.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Shipper Cares

This is possibly one of the most important, yet hardest, to truly identify factors about any art shipment company. Most shippers will fain a love for art and say they truly do care about your property but not all do. One of the surest ways to actually check this is to gauge their previous work. Look into reviews for your proposed company, see how the past customers were treated and if anything went wrong. If you’re in LA check the company in different parts in the country as well, as art shipping to New York might have issues that you wouldn’t have if shipping to Texas. Combine these reviews with how many years the company has existed, this should give you a good idea how reputable the company is.

Step 2: Inquire How They Will Pack Your Art

Now art can range from a huge modern bronze sculpture weighing more than a ton, to a miniscule 19th Century collectable pocket book. As any sound of mind person will guess, their packing requirements will not be the same. Ask your shippers how they will pack your items. Custom made containers are the most preferable option, as this will guarantee max amount of protection from any knocks along the way. If your shippers don’t custom pack them, find someone else, even the slightest of movement in a container could ruin a priceless work of art.

Step 3: Make Sure its Shipped Safe!

When sending your valuable art you need to be sure that it will get to its destination. Speak with your shipment provider about safe shipping. A good company should be able to provide guarantees on arrival, and offer security details for those extra valuable pieces. If your shipper can’t provide you with an adequate guarantee, including safety precautions and some type of insurance, then choose someone else. If they are confident in their service then safety should be of prime importance.

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