Questions To Have Answered Before Buying used Chemistry Lab Equipment

Saving on the cost of new laboratory instruments and equipment by buying used chemistry lab equipment is a smart decision for anyone. Buying used equipment is not without its potential considerations, but with the right seller and a few questions, buyers can be confident the equipment they are purchasing is in top shape and immediately ready to use in their lab.

To help any buyers new to purchasing used chemistry lab equipment, here are four important things to know before choosing a seller and the equipment. Most of the information needed can be found online and takes just a few minutes to locate on the company’s website.

Is the Equipment Fully Tested?

Some companies selling used chemistry lab equipment do not fully test the equipment and all systems. Instead, they simply verify the equipment turns on and operates through a simple cycle or internal diagnostic program.

By working with a seller focusing on full testing of equipment, or choosing refurbished equipment, the buyer knows it is fully operational.

What is the Final Price?

Most companies selling used medical equipment do not list prices on the website as there is a constant turnover of equipment. When calling in to ask about the price of equipment also ask about shipping or other associated additional costs. The total delivered price should be the final cost of the equipment.

What is the Difference in Refurbished or Used?

Ask the company sales rep to explain the difference between refurbished and used chemistry equipment. Used is typically tested and verified as working, while refurbished is fully upgraded and repaired to OEM specifications for similar models sold as new equipment.

When asking about refurbished equipment, check to make sure the seller does the refurbishing in-house using certified technicians. This ensures the repairs and upgrades are done correctly and completely.

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