Aug 18, 2017

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Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor Before Signing the Dotted Line

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. It’s important that you put as much care as possible into each renovation project, whether that’s adding a new roof or replacing the siding. You should never jump the gun and sign a work contract until you’ve asked the contractor or company a few key questions.

What questions could you ask your siding contractor in Rockville, MD before giving them the project? Here are a few important questions that could help protect your home, your siding, and your wallet.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

Just because you discuss the project with a particular siding contractor in Rockville, MD doesn’t mean they are the actual contractor who will do the work. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a good idea to know who will be working on your home. For example, if you’re working with a large company, you can expect them to work with a long list of potential contractors for any specific job.

If the company is using subcontractors for the work, then you need to find out just what sort of standards they have in place for quality. Companies that outsource the work to the cheapest sub contractors instead of the best could damage your home.

What Is the Payment Process?

You always want to discuss the payment schedule with your Rockville, MD siding contractor before signing on the dotted line. Some contractors want the entire payment up front. Others want a down payment followed by additional payments along the way. There’s no single right way to do it, but it’s important that you know what to expect and when they are expecting payment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Hard Questions

Can you think of some additional questions you’d like to ask them? Don’t be afraid to ask the tough ones. Your job is to protect your home, which means learning as much as possible about the contractor and the work they perform before hiring them to replace your siding.

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