Dec 12, 2017

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Questions To Ask Your Family Doctor

Questions To Ask Your Family Doctor

A family doctor is one who is qualified to treat many different types of illnesses and ailments. These doctors are general practitioners who cover many different fields of medicine. If you are going to a doctor, you will likely go to this type before you are recommended elsewhere if that is necessary. There are specialists who focus on specific aspects of medicine; you’ll usually need to be referred to one of them to cover the expenses of the visit on your insurance. So, if you have been injured or if you have been ill, you need to go to the doctor who covers most of your family. You need to ask a few questions, though.

Bacterial or Viral?

You need to ask if an infection that you might have is bacterial or viral. Determining the difference can sometimes be difficult since the body responds similarly to both kinds of infections. However, if you have a bacterial infection, it can be treated with antibiotics. A viral infection cannot be treated that way. Many people take antibiotics when they have a viral infection because they think the medicine will help them recover; unfortunately, it will not. Antibiotics can actually be harmful in the future. You should ask a family doctor about the nature of your issue and trust what they have to tell you.

Strained or Sprained?

The difference between straining and spraining can be difficult to understand. A sprain is an injury to a ligament, which connects bone to other bone. A strain is an injury to a tendon, which connects bone to muscle. The two of them often feel similar and often look similar, but they have some differences in their treatment. The stretches and massages that might work for a strain might not work for a sprain and vice versa. You’ll need to make sure you ask a family doctor at North American Emergency Medical Center about the difference. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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