May 21, 2013

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Questions to Ask of a Yuba City CA Gold Buying Firm

Head into your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room and look through your jewelry. When you do so, you are sure to find one or more broken pieces, pieces you no longer love or earrings that don’t have a match. What should you do with this gold that is just taking up space? Why not take it to a company specializing in Yuba City CA Gold Buying? Doing so allows you to get cold hard cash for those pieces you no longer want or need and frees up space for brand new jewelry also. What questions should you ask of a gold buying company before you actually agree to the sale and what should you know?

How is the price of the gold calculated if I choose to sell one or more items? The gold buying company considers the weight in grams of the item, the gold purity in terms of carats and the daily spot price for gold on the stock market. The weight and purity of the item won’t change over time, but the spot price does. Determine how much the gold items are worth and then factor in the profit the gold buying company would like to make. The remaining amount is what you should expect to get for your unwanted gold.

Will craftsmanship be considered during the gold buying process? No, the only thing the gold buyer looks at is the melt value of the piece or how much they will receive from the refinery. Intricate pieces don’t pay more than simple ones.

What happens to diamonds or semi-precious stones? They may be returned to you or left in the piece. This depends on the condition of the stones and your personal preferences.

Another option is to look into Jewelry repairs for those items which are damaged. When doing so, compare the price you would get for selling the piece to a gold buying company and how much it will cost to fix it. You may find that the price you would obtain from selling the item for gold is enough to replace it with a newer piece. It’s all a matter of asking questions before you commit to anything. Doing so ensures you are satisfied when you head out the door with cash or new jewelry you can’t wait to show off.


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