Mar 9, 2015

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Questions to Ask Estate Planning Lawyers in Southlake, TX

Questions to Ask Estate Planning Lawyers in Southlake, TX

Deciding to get serious about estate planning does require the services of a lawyer. When preparing for that first meeting, it pays to ask a few questions in advance. Most Estate Planning Lawyers in Southlake, TX are happy to provide answers that help the client get ready for the first and subsequent meetings. How should the client prepare for the initial consultation? As with any type of financial arrangements, preparation is the key to planning an estate. To that end, Estate Planning Lawyers in Southlake, TX can provide new clients with a list of documents and information they need to get started.

Some examples of that information include proof of identity, number of children, and documents related to personal and shared assets. Bringing the information along for the first visit will certainly make that time more productive. What sort of documents can the lawyer draft? It is important to realize that an Estate Lawyer can do much more than draft a last will and testament, a medical power of attorney, and similar documents. A lawyer can also speak with the client about options for creating trust funds for the children, structuring a family corporation and funneling assets into that entity, and structuring the estate to take advantage of the current set of tax laws. As decisions are made about how to set up the estate, the lawyer can take care of all the documents needed to achieve the desired result.

One thing that many people worry about is the need to change something about the estate planning in the future. The lawyer can assure the client that it is possible to make updates when life changes like divorce, remarriage, the birth of grandchildren, and other events occur. In fact, many of the recommendations the lawyer makes for structuring the estate will include addressing how changes can be made if and when they become necessary. For anyone who is ready to get down to the business of putting an estate in order, contact the team at Galloway and Gilliland Law Firm. In a short amount of time, the necessary documents will be in place and the client can begin to refine the estate structure to fit his or her wishes.

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