Aug 14, 2015

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Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Lawyer During a Consultation

Questions to Ask an Auto Accident Lawyer During a Consultation

Every day in Wheaton, like in other parts of Illinois, people consult with lawyers to find out what their options are after being in automobile accidents. Below, you can learn some great questions to ask a Wheaton auto accident lawyer during your consultation.

What Are the Chances I’ll Be Able to Get Compensation?

There are no guarantees in the field of law, so be wary if you go to a consultation and the attorney starts discussing compensation amounts and particular outcomes in very certain terms. You should never be led to expect specific results with your case. However, an experienced and reputable Wheaton auto accident lawyer will evaluate the various factors and give you an honest answer about the chances you’ll be able to get compensated appropriately for what you’ve suffered.

How Long Have You Been Helping Auto Accident Victims?

Knowing your lawyer has a great deal of experience can be extremely helpful for providing peace of mind when you’re going through the complex process of trying to get things back to normal after the accident.

Be sure to ask a potential attorney how long he or she has been working to help auto accident victims get compensation. Some lawyers focus on many areas of law, and it’s a good idea to verify that a potential candidate has the kind of expertise that’ll help you get the best outcome possible.

How Does Your Fee Structure Work for Auto Accident Clients?

Understandably, many people are very concerned about how much it’ll cost to hire a Wheaton auto accident attorney. That’s especially true if someone is already feeling burdened by unexpected expenses such as medical bills, and vehicle repairs, plus the added stress of not being able to work because of injuries suffered.

In some cases, you may not pay attorney’s fees unless the case is won. A fee structure like that could make you feel much more confident about hiring a Wheaton auto accident attorney and not worrying you’ll have to pay hefty legal fees for an unsuccessful outcome.

The answers to these questions could help you feel much more informed when hiring a lawyer after you’ve been in an automobile crash. Make sure to bring them up during a consultation at a law firm in your community.
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