Sep 16, 2014

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Questions to Ask a Home Building Contractor Florida

Have you chosen a builder to construct your new home? Before you hire a home building contractor in Florida, consider asking the following questions. They will help you to gain confidence in your selection and rest assured that the building process will go smoothly.

How many homes have you built in Florida?

It’s always important to look for an experienced home building contractor. An experienced contractor will have links with subcontractors in your area, and also utilize their knowledge to predict any problems that may delay the building process.

Are you licensed or insured?

Licensing and insurance are important because they help to protect you as the property owner during and after the construction project. Without adequate liability insurance, the contractors could get injured while working on your property, and you might be held responsible.

What makes you different from other home builders in Florida?

You need to know how the home building contractor in Florida compares to other builders. Do they offer low cost prices? Are they recommended by well-known construction associations in Florida? Find out what kind of benefits they have to offer homeowners.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Warranties are important because they ensure the home builder uses quality construction materials. Whatever components are installed should come with a warranty. Make sure you ask before hiring the contractors.

Who will oversee the construction?

Most home building companies usually have a supervisor who is assigned to oversee the construction work until it’s complete. Make sure you ask the home building contractor in Florida if they’ll have someone to manage the project and answer your questions whenever there is a need. Construction work can be complicated and a supervisor helps to keep things in check.

How long will it take for the home to be completed?

It’s good to have this conversation before deciding to hire a contractor. Sometimes the project may experience delays which are unavoidable. Make sure the contractor explains to you the kind of issues that may cause delays and how you can avoid them. Let them give you a realistic schedule that is clearly documented in a plan instead of just stating a specific number.

Do you perform inspections during construction?

Inspections must be done by the home building contractor at key points of construction and when the project is finally complete. Performing inspections during construction helps to identify matters that can be overlooked and make sure they are corrected before it’s too late.

If you have any questions to ask a home builder in Florida. The leading contractors in Florida at JJ Staten Homes will always be willing and ready to answer your questions.



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