Sep 20, 2016

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Questions to Ask a Computer Consultant before Hiring

Questions to Ask a Computer Consultant before Hiring

You would not allow just anybody to come into your home and start remodeling your bathroom without first having checked their credentials, insurance, and background. So why would you even consider hiring a computer network consultant in Columbus OH without having first found out the answers to some very important questions? One of the things that you definitely want to know is if your network is down for hours at a time and it was one of their technicians that caused the problem, are they willing to take responsibility for it? Do they have a policy in place to reimburse you for lost time or lost business?

Look for a Guarantee on Timelines and Budgets

You should find out right up front if they are willing to offer you a guarantee that any project they do for you will be finished in the time they had promised, or if they are providing a spam filter for your email, do they guarantee their program will protect you. Another thing to ask about is whether or not they offer fixed prices for certain services such as updates to your system. The most important thing is to be sure about is that there is a clear understanding between you and any company you choose to provide your support pertaining to pricing and what you can expect from them by way of guarantees.

What is Their Policy Regarding Response Time and Phone Service?

Are they willing to write you a contract in which they will specify the hours during which you can count on their phones being answered by a technician? Do they offer an alternative method to be able to reach someone outside of normal business hours? What policy do they have in place as to how long after you have called and reported a problem before a technician will be working towards a solution? When you work with Edge Technology they are more than willing to offer you a comprehensive contract covering all your questions and concerns.

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