Nov 24, 2014

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Questions And Answers About Septic Tank Cleaning In Sorrento FL

If your septic tank isn’t working properly, sewage can flood your drain field and it may even back up inside your home. To ensure that your septic system continues to function as it should, regularly call an experienced company for Septic Tank Cleaning in Sorrento FL. Read the questions and answers below for more information about septic systems.

Q.) What are the reasons why a septic system can back up and cause sewer water to settle in the yard?

A.) When you see water pooling above your septic system, either your septic tank is full or you have an obstruction in your sewer pipes. If your septic tank is full, the sewage will soak the ground around it and you’ll notice that you have a wet lawn. Another possible reason is because of an obstruction in your sewer pipes, such as tree roots or an object that shouldn’t have been flushed. If you have a broken or cracked sewer pipe, you may also see water settling in your yard.

Q.) How often should I hire a professional company to clean out my septic system?

A.) Most septic systems should be professionally cleaned out at least one time every three to five years. This average can change depending on the size of your tank and how many people use your sewer system on a daily basis. To ensure that your septic tank doesn’t get too full, contact a qualified company to inspect your tank once a year.

Q.) Are there ways to make a septic system last longer and perform better?

A.) Never flush anything down your toilet except septic safe toilet tissue. If your septic system is too small for your growing family, consider installing a larger tank. Call a qualified septic service company for septic maintenance and Septic Tank Cleaning in Sorrento FL to make sure that your system functions properly.

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