Feb 26, 2014

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Questions About Hiring Affordable Movers In Lubbock

Questions About Hiring Affordable Movers In Lubbock

When you hire a moving company, you want reliable service, but you also want Affordable Movers in Lubbock. It’s important to hire a moving company that will carefully handle your belongings and safely transport them to your new location. If you’ve never hired a moving company before, below you’ll find the answers to some commonly asked questions about moving services.

Q.) Do I have to pack up my own personal belongings or will the movers do it for me?

A.) The moving professionals can quickly and efficiently pack up all of your household belongings for you. They have the experience and the knowledge to securely pack up everything in your home. Your most delicate and fragile items will safely make the trip when your hire a professional moving company. However, if you prefer, you can most certainly pack up your personal belongings yourself and have the boxes ready for the movers to load into the truck when they arrive. Having the movers pack for you will incur an extra charge, however they’ll supply all of their own packing materials and boxes. If you choose to pack yourself, you can purchase moving boxes and supplies from the moving company.

Q.) Some of my furniture is upstairs, will I have to have the furniture moved down to the first floor before the movers arrive?

A.) Affordable Movers in Lubbock will handle all of the moving for you and you won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll move your furniture from wherever it’s at in your house and load it into the moving truck. When they arrive at your new house, they’ll unload your furniture off the truck and place it where you want it. The movers are experienced in moving even the heaviest furniture and they know the best way to get your furniture moved, even if it’s up or down a flight of stairs.

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