Oct 17, 2012

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Questions a Work Injury Attorney can Help Answer

If you are injured on the job and you have a large number of questions you need to have answered, you might want to contact a work injury attorney to make sure your best interests are covered. Work injury attorneys are there to help you further your case and get through the various laws that exist so that you can get the compensation you deserve. You might have lots of questions, but a work injury attorney is a professional with the experience to give you the answers.

If you wonder how long you will have to live with your injury before your insurance company will start to send you checks, the answer may vary. Normally, if you have not been able to earn your regular wages for five full days due to an injury, your employer will have seven days to report the injury to their insurance provider. The insurance company will then have two weeks after they receive the notice in order to give you the funds you requested. They can also deny compensation at that time. If you are denied your claim, you will definitely need the help of a work injury attorney to further your case in court.

Since dealing with a work-related injury is not something you likely have dealt with before, you may not know who your workers’ compensation insurance company is for your employer. All you should have to do is ask your employer for that information. There is also a law requirement that asks companies to display a notice to employees about that insurance coverage and it should be up somewhere within the workplace. If you cannot find that notice, or you cannot get the information you need from your employer, you should contact a work injury attorney for further help.

If you are injured on the job and are away from work for one or more days, you might wonder if your employer has to pay you for a full day of work, or only a partial day. The law requires that your employer pay you for the hours that you actually worked. The employer can also pay you for hours that you missed due to your disability, but that is more flexible and would take the advice of a work injury attorney in order to figure it all out.

If your employer wants to have you examined by a doctor other than the one you provided, you might wonder if that is fair. Consult with your work injury attorney, but it is likely that he or she will advise you to go ahead with the examination in order to prove that you are not hiding anything in terms of your injury.

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