Oct 29, 2012

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Quantitative Approaches and Sigma Black Belt Certification

Some people get offended by the over use of math and quantitative techniques, they feel that math can’t account for the human element of business. This complaint is largely erroneous as anyone with Sigma Black Belt Certification can explain. If you’re in the business of creating micro processors then you don’t need to defend the mathematical approach to a human smile. Instead the human factors you’re trying to account for are the ones of manufacturing errors and deficiencies. What Sigma Black Belt Certification provides you with is the skills and tools to break down the areas where you’re performing optimally and the places you’re not with a focus on eliminating the errors. That is a problem of mathematics, how to deal with the problems can require a wide spectrum of skills, but the fundamental issue is controlling waste.

Waste is an important issue for businesses, despite advances in technology it still happens, but it’s not something to be accepted without thought. The goal is to reduce the possible sources of waste and optimize and streamline procedures. For a business this is vitally important, so they like to train their management staff with the tools needed, Sigma Black Belt Certification lets a manager say that they definitively have the experience to not only use the system themselves but to guide and coach others in the system. The use of the martial arts belts is a bit strange, but it does fit, as black belts are supposed to teach others their skill. You do want people to get actual Sigma Black Belt Certification, but if you have them learn from a teacher in a class (or course) and can learn from someone with both experience and the Sigma Black Belt Certification it makes the education more complete.

It sounds simple in theory; you use mathematical modeling and try to track down sources of waste and defects. Even at that, the description probably has too much verbiage as Six Sigma could be rewritten as: try to make as few faulty products as possible. However, to actually accomplish that goal you will have to do a lot of tracking and use statistics properly. Sigma Black Belt Certification will teach you the proper ways to use these skills, and even more importantly as you climb up the ladder in a business, it’ll teach you how to manage other managers and make sure they’re using the Six Sigma philosophy correctly. It’s not always easy to implement things like that, and having well prepared management is of the utmost importance, so it’s pretty easy to understand why companies want the certainty of having their management get Sigma Black Belt Certification.

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