Feb 20, 2014

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Quality Solutions for Work Injury Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens

No one goes to work expecting to get injured. Workplace injuries can occur at any job site to anyone. While it may seem more common in construction, agriculture, and certain other industrial venues, a retail sales associate can be injured as seriously as any other worker. The venue of the work injury is less important as the Work Injury Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens chosen. The first thing to do is make sure to report your injury to your supervisor and fill out the required paperwork in a timely manner. When it is not possible to fill out the paperwork immediately due to the emergency situation, remember to do it as soon as you can or assign a family member to do it for you. The following will factors of choosing a quality medical facility for work injuries.

Urgent Care

The facility you choose should have an urgent care area specifically for emergencies to help prevent long waits to see a doctor. Triage will be done first to determine the level of urgency as cases come into the urgent care area. Urgent care is designed to be a walk-in service for emergency injuries. If the facility is unable to properly address your injuries, you will be referred to the nearest emergency room for care. It is rare to visit a standard facility if the injury requires emergency treatment.

Workers’ Compensation Experience

It is important to choose a medical facility that has an understanding of how Workers’ Compensation works and provide timely exams and treatments that meet the guidelines. Mistakes in paperwork can keep you from getting your Workers’ Comp benefits which affects you financially as well as affecting your quality of life. A medical facility that has experience with work-related injuries and Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits is less likely to make paperwork errors.

These are the aspects to consider when choosing a Work Injury Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens facility if you are injured while on the job. Besides the knowledge of work-related injuries and urgent care treatments, they should also have specialists on staff in case of other issues surrounding your injuries. If your work injury is not related to your work tasks or during work hours, you also want to seek a facility that accepts all major insurance providers. Dr. Nader Daryaee, of Family Medical & Urgent Care in Palm Beach has the skills and experience for work-related injuries and treatments.


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