Oct 14, 2013

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Quality Emergency Repair Services for Your Air Conditioner

It can become incredibly hot and humid in the Mid-Atlantic States during the height of summer. As such, many homes and businesses depend on Air Conditioner units to provide a comfortable environment for work and other daily living activities. Modern people expect the cooling comfort to be available with just a flip of a switch. However, mechanical parts are prone to failure, and there is nothing worse when a breakdown occurs when the equipment is needed the most. Air conditioners are also prone to issues that make them run inefficiently, which costs the owner more in energy costs.

If an owner experiences issues with an Air Conditioner, he or she needs to assess what can wait for a repair appointment, and what constitutes an emergency need. Common Air conditioner problems include freezing up, blowing warm air, leaking, and making loud noises. Noises such as squeals, thumps, whines, roars, and scrapes are indications of failing mechanical parts. It’s best to contact a reliable contractor-;such as Horizon Services-;for a repair appointment.

An air conditioner will freeze up due to the accumulation of ice on the unit’s condenser coils. This keep the coolant Freon from circulating properly with air, and this reduces the air output. This issue is normally caused by ineffective air flow. A technician can recalibrate a system so that the coils work properly once again. Water leaking poses a more direct threat as it can cause water damage to a home and it promotes an environment for mold growth. A repair technician can locate the source of the water leakage, which is most commonly a condenser pan that has a rusted out spot, or it could be a blocked drainage tube.

Loud noises can occur from both indoor and outdoor components. Sometimes the sound can be stopped with something as simple as the lubrication of moving parts. Or, it is possible some screws or other fasteners just need to be tightened up. If a unit is blowing war air, or doesn’t cool enough, then there may be a need for a Freon coolant recharge. The tech will also search for and repair coolant leaks. It’s a good idea to have a service technician come for a tune-up each year before cooling season.

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