Nov 14, 2013

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Quality Assisted Living in Iowa

When a person can no longer live on their own, many decisions need to be made. People hesitate at the thought of retirement homes and assisted living communities for their loved ones, and that’s completely understandable. This kind of life change is difficult for everyone involved, but with a little research your mind can be at ease with the choices made. A good starting point is assessing the type of care that the person requires. Some people need around the clock supervision, while others may just need to be checked on throughout the day with someone to call at night. Today’s facilities are a far cry from past, and offer a variety of services to cater to individual needs.

The factor of maintaining personal dignity and having social interaction with others makes the difference in how people react to Assisted Living. A facility should encourage their residents to remain active and provide social activities in their program. Living in this type of community can enrich the later years of life and deter feelings of isolation. For people in the Des Moines area, Woodlands Creek Active Retirement Community provides everything you are looking for when living at home is no longer a safe option. Woodlands Creek offers services for independent living, Assisted Living, and memory care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Ratings and reviews of their senior living services can be found at the website, as well as, a wealth of information about the amenities.

Everyday their calendar is packed with activities that include exercise, crafts, games, shopping, and music. There is a fully equipped fitness center, a clubhouse, and even pets are welcomed. Choosing Woodlands Creek means more than just leaving your old home, you are creating a new home in a community with others who have made the same choice. The residents are truly living in this community without having to worry about general maintenance or housekeeping. Helpful information on making this transition can be found on their blog, or contact them for a tour and more information. It’s a big decision, but this one can be made with confidence.


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