Dec 19, 2018

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PVC Conveyor Rollers Have Much to Offer

PVC Conveyor Rollers Have Much to Offer

Does your facility need upgrading or are you thinking about replacing some of your equipment? If you have conveyor systems, the conveyor rollers are the most important part to consider. You can choose rollers made from steel or plastic, and PVC has a lot to offer. Here are some important reasons to consider this versatile material.

Resisting Moisture

Are you in the food processing business or does your facility use a wash down procedure? If so, moisture corrosion is a real problem, and you may need stainless steel conveyor rollers to make sure your system runs smoothly with few problems. However, PVC is sometimes just as effective, and you can save a great deal over the cost of stainless steel.

Concerns with Weight

In some applications, you must keep weight to a minimum. This is especially true if you manufacture or process heavy materials. When you use plastic rollers for your conveyor system, you have a strong and durable system but with less weight than steel.

Do you use manual conveyors when shipping products? If so, weight is a very important factor to consider. Plastic rollers weigh less than steel rollers, and you can save money on fuel. The more weight you have in your trucks, the more fuel gets burned, and this is an important consideration whether you operate your fleet or pay for shipping services.

Plastic conveyor rollers from manufacturers like Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. are an eco-friendly choice. When you use less fuel, you put fewer pollutants into the air. This helps contribute to a safer and cleaner atmosphere and environment.

Corrosive Chemicals

In many applications, chemicals can cause a corrosion problem. In fact, chemicals may cause materials like steel or stainless steel to pit or corrode. You do not have problems like these when you go with PVC materials.

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