Oct 25, 2014

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Purchasing Grain Dryers In Oregon For Your Business

Does your business consist of growing grain to be sold on the open market? If so the process does not stop once the grain has been put into the ground. After the nurturing of the seeds, the crops must them be harvested, processed and then stored. Once the first step of harvesting of the crop is done it will need to be put into a machine that will separate and clean the seeds from rocks, dirt and other stems. This type of machinery uses vibration, air and screens to separate all the material away from the seeds. Depending on the size of this type of machinery it can use anywhere from 2 to 8 screens but the process is pretty much the same no matter what size it is. This type of machinery can be purchased at the same Supplier Of Grain Dryers In Oregon.

Once the seeds have been processed through the cleaning machinery they will then be transferred over to the Grain Dryer. This piece of machinery uses a precise mix of temperature, humidity and air to dry the grain to ensure that mold will not form on it. If that happens a whole crop can be destroyed and would have to be disposed of. These types of machinery are constructed in a way to protect the product from being contaminated which would affect the quality of the crop. Once this process has been finished the grain is then stored until the bagging process can be done.

No matter which type of equipment or storage building you would need for you business the company that sells Grain Dryers in Oregon will be able to assist you in purchasing the right size and style of equipment that you would need. From grain harvesting, processing, dryer and storage equipment they will be able to find the perfect fit for your business. They even have in stock used equipment that has been thoroughly inspected and is certified in working order for you to purchase should you decide to not purchase new equipment at this time. One advantage of dealing with this type of company is that you can build a working rapport with them throughout the years by using both the sales and service departments to fulfill the needs of your business.

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