Oct 18, 2016

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Protective Clothing Is A Must In Many Industries

Protective Clothing Is A Must In Many Industries

There are many industrial environments that require special attention to safety. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured every year in the workplace, many accidents would have never happened or the results would have not been as serious if these individuals had been wearing protective clothing.

There are numerous industries in which exposure to chemicals and harmful contaminates are expected; pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, construction related jobs and even auto technicians. As a responsible employer it is in your best interests to protect your people from possible injury by providing them with protective clothing suitable for that which they do. Tyvek, a high-density polypropylene fiber has proven to be an ideal material for disposable garments for demanding environments.

There are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of safety equipment, everything from disposable outerwear, eye and ear protection, gloves, footwear and more.

Tyvek protective clothing:

In an effort to maintain productivity as well as moral, it is important that employees are comfortable during their shift. High density polyethylene, although very strong and abrasion resistant is “breathable.” When wearing protective clothing made from this material, the wearer will not get overly warm, body heat and perspiration pass right through the material but will not let water and other contaminates in.

Protective clothing should be strong, resistant to tearing and hard wearing, but as it is also disposable it must be relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to dispose of. As well as simple coveralls that are ideal for use by painters, farmers, etc protective clothing is available that provides head to toe protection for those working in cleanrooms, labs or biohazard environments.

One of the more demanding industries that require protective clothing is the electrical industry where there is a real danger of arcing. For this industry it is important to protect from the high heat thrown off by an electric arc and to wear clothing that does not support combustion.

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